Reality of social media in english

What is the reason that people leave the real world and choose to live in an virtual world?


why we are living in showoff world?


Why social media doesn't have dislike buttons?

1. This is your digital image. Here you are present in digital form.

2. Here is respect, equality. we mean, it doesn't matter what you're wearing here, how you look, how you speak, you're educated, you're rich or poor. In real life you are scared, you are shy, you are nervous but there is nothing like this here.

3. Here you express your thoughts, feelings, your happiness and sorrow. Somebody understands you, somebody feels you, supports you, praises you etc.

4. Here you lie to the whole world to JEALOUSY some people who hate you or you lie to the whole world to HAPPY some people. Our society thinks that if you are not on social media then you are very backward.

5.Social media is also like a market. you are looking for your kind of people on social media. Here you are promoting yourself.

6. You don't know who is good or who is bad here.

7. You don't know who is stupid or who is intelligent here.

8. Different people have different levels here.

9. Here is the comfort zone. Here you do not have to go anywhere, just sit and share things and also time pass.

10. Sometimes you compare your real life to others virtual life. please don't compare because here are filter, lie, fake etc.

Our society are also responsible because here exist level like - rich - poor, fair - black etc.

Imagine if our society valued real life?

# be happy

# be normal

# be positive

# you can do it

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